Beginnings of ELECTRONICS


Main concepts and program features

The product is intended for using by scholars, students and other people who'd like to deepen their knowledge in electricity. The program naturally supplements a standard way of education that includes theoretical and practical skills development. The software is a kind of virtual constructor that enables to imitate the way of electrical circuits assembling, features analyzing and electrical quantities measuring. Working with the program, the user acts as he does in real-world life.

The given program allows the user to:

You can use one dual-channel oscillograph for alternating current measurements.

An essential part of the program workspace is a wiring card where number of details are to be soldered. The process of details "soldering" consists of a simple action: dragging a detail from boxes panel to the card and dropping above the considerable position.

There is a panel of boxes on the right of the desktop. Details emulated by the program are listed below:

User can use measuring equipment such as dual-scan oscilloscope and digital multimeter. He can save circuits to files and restore circuits from files at any time.

All measurements can be done with two multimeters

Authors hope that "Beginnings of ELECTRONICS" will promote interest and creative abilities, deepen knowledge in the sphere of physics.

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We wish success to all users of the program !!!

Developers Team:

Project leader KASHKAROV Vladimir

Senior programmer
MALISHICH Konstantin
Painter MALAKHOV Kirill
Video-art POPOV Evgeny
Russian-English Translator POPOVA Natalya
Help system writers

Developed in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan.

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